The Lazarus Project: Science-Fiction Roleplaying

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Q: What's The Lazarus Project?

A: The Lazarus Project is an online storytelling game created by Michael Zerbo in conjunction with Skotos Tech, Inc. It first opened for widespread alpha release on June 1, 2006. In this text-based roleplaying game set in the far future, scientists play god amidst the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma colonies of a faraway world.

The Lazarus Project is a mix of a purely social roleplaying game, with elements of plotter (staff) oriented storytelling and automated game missions. Taking the role of a newly grown citizen, players can seek out proper employment, become involved in scientific experiments/research, undertake exploration in the gameworld, or enjoy social roleplaying with other online players.

Most forms of employment involve freelance scientific experiments/specimen gathering, as well as a handful of automated missions. Available skillsets include combat, animal preservation, geomechanical mining, and basic animal dissection.

Q: What is the story of The Lazarus Project?

A: The Lazarus Project takes place at an unspecified date in our future. be it several hundred years, or thousands, is left up to the player to discover within the game itself.

Although the setting could be described as dystopian, characters have more freedoms than typically given in such a setting. Otherwise, the game might appear too oppressive. And it's no fun role-playing "a boot stomping on a human face-forever" (as quoted from 1984). Or at least it's not much fun for the person getting stomped on.

Set up originally as a research facility, Alpha Colony has developed into a full-fledged scientific community, with specialized laboratories, as well as living quarters, dining areas and recreation centers. Although Alpha is only one of three main colonies, it is the hub of daily activity for most citizens, and is where most scientific research is currently being carried out

Q: What is my role?

A: Unlike a traditional adventure game, the character you play has no predetermined role. It's up to you, the player, to mold your character into whomever you wish. You are free to create your own stories and adventures, as well as choose your own goals. Although it is best to limit your character type so it fits within the overall theme of the game, of course. 17th century pirates, superheroes ... or elves in space ... wouldn't fit so well within the game's framework.

Q: Is The Lazarus Project free?

A: The game allows for free play and provides a maximum of two characters. If you would like additional characters, consider signing up for a Basic or Premium account.


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