The Lazarus Project: Science-Fiction Roleplaying

Welcome to the World of the Lazarus Project!

Enter a world where what you see is not all that it seems. Located on a distant, uncharted planet lies a bustling community. While safe within the confines of the dome, the outside world presents perils, and well as adventure, for those brave enough to seek out new discoveries. Underground tunnels dot the landscape, sealed by dense concrete slabs and locked chambers. Haunting, inhuman wailing can at times be heard within. Strange animal-like creatures roam the outer edges of the colony, within alien swamps and hidden groves. Rumor has they were created, experiments gone horribly wrong.

Lazarus Project - New Citizen Protocol - Welcome to Alpha Colony, where we study the human lifespan, death, and cryogenic sciences. You have been created to help us test several new breakthrough theories. But don't think of yourself as a lab rat, as everyone is granted full citizenship and birthrights under Lazarus protocol #219. Your brain has been imprinted with the basic knowledge archives to assist your assimilation into society. Chemical bathing is available within the Hatchery, and is recommended as a first stop for new citizens. Proper attire and accommodations are available within the Apartment Complex, located on the Southern Walkway. We hope you enjoy a long and healthy life here at Alpha Colony. And if not, we hope you at least enjoy your short life.

Alpha Colony Map