The Lazarus Project: Science-Fiction Roleplaying

How to Play

The Lazarus Project is a text-based roleplaying game. To learn more about the Skotos parser & how to use basic commands, read this file:

About the Skotos Parser

You may also want to visit the forums to ask questions about the game:

The Lazarus Project Forum

Lazarus Systems

Lazarus has a number of unique game systems, which are explained below:


Weapon skills are generally geared around hunting rather than PvP combat. Electric pulse rifles and silicone projectile guns are the primary weapons currently available, and a shielding device can be used to offer some protection.

General command for attacking a target using projectile weapons is: shoot [target]. The weapon must be both wielded and loaded to properly fire. Not every item in the game may be targeted, such as certain cnpcs as well as stationary targets. A weapon supply shop provides shooting ranges as well as training.

Electric Pulse Rifle. Shoots a nice electric pulse at folks. Barbecue 'em where they stand...

The rifle emits a varying pulse, and correspondingly eats up more of the battery when using a higher amount. Current battery holds 2500 charges, and must be replaced when it wears down -- an actual battery object goes inside the rifle.

Additional commands: Turn [rifle dial] "0-100", put [battery] in [rifle]

Silicone Projectile Rifle. Shoots a blobby net at target.

The silicone rifles hold up to 4 canisters at a time. If successful, target is immobilized for 30 seconds.

Additional commands: put [canister] in [rifle]

Shielding Device. A small electromagnetic device that can be worn upon one's waist. Turn knob upon device to (0-100) percent to change shielding power. Having the device turned up to 100% protects you more, but reduces the power output and chances of hitting your target during your own attacks.

Additional commands: Turn [shield] "0-100"

Geomechanical Mining

Mining can be learned during one of the special assignments in the game. The main focus of mining is to retrieve animal fossils for research, as well as any interesting crystals or minerals found in the caves and tunnels within the wilderness areas.

Mining requires a special device, available for sale within one of the game's shops. The command to use it is simple: mine

Note: The mining device will only work in areas where mining is possible, such as caves or rocky regions. Fossils can be sold in the DNA Laboratory, and crystals can be sold at the Consumer Trade Shop.

Animal Preservation

After a long day of hunting, one will need to preserve their animal specimens or they will all die and rot on you. To do so, use a specimen preserving device upon any captured prey. The command is: aim preserver at [target].

The device will encapsulate your prey within a hard plastic coating, protecting it from completely dying on you. It works on creatures in a near-death state, and is only calibrated to work with certain animals (so you can't go around trying to preserve other players). If you are completely unskilled in using this device, you will get a poorly preserved specimen. If skilled, you have a weighted chance of success. Preserved creatures are more valuable than dead ones, so remember to cover your nice sleeping rabbits in plastic before trying to sell them at the DNA Lab.

Animal Dissection

Dissection is a skillset learned during one of the automated assignments. To dissect a creature, first obtain one (seems obvious enough), and a dissection tool. Certain dissection tools are calibrated for specific species, so don't go about trying to dissect every animal (or player) you see.

The proper command to use the dissection tool is: dissect [creature], such as, dissect hopfrog.

If successful, the dissected organ will be placed into your inventory, and the poor animal will be minus said organ. If you fail, you'll just get a mangled creature.

Sonic Fishing

Sonic fishing can be learned during one of the special assignments in the game. Fishing requires a special device, a sonic fishing pole, available for sale within one of the game's shops. The command to use it is simple: fish

Note: You may fish in only certain areas, such as lakes or ponds. The type of fish you catch may vary by location, as well as if you fish from the shore or within deeper waters. Fish can be sold in the DNA Laboratory to Doctor Phibes.